• Alchemy Jewelry by Drop of Art

    Alchemy Jewelry: What They Didn’t Tell You

    Alchemy Jewelry: What They Didn’t Tell You: Alchemy jewelry has become the recent trend these days. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Miranda Kerr appears to be obsessed with their little crystal stone jewels. You might also already have one plus why not? It is always good to become part of a fashion trend and enjoy …

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  • 10 Secrets of Alchemy by Drop of Art

    10 Secrets of Alchemy 

    10 Secrets of Alchemy:  Alchemy is considered to be a very deep, secretive and lucrative world that’s full of esoteric secrets. The wider dimension of Alchemy is often misunderstood and lately it has been used for spiritual enlightenment by many people, including Paulo Coelho author of the book called ‘The Alchemist’. By definition, Alchemy is a …

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  • Jewelry that Realigns by Drop of Art

    Jewelry that Realigns

    Jewelry that Realigns Biomagnetic research has led to the discovery and invention of the energy jewelry i.e. also known as jewelry that realigns. This jewelry, usually incorporates crystals, that are known to possess natural healing powers and can recharge energy on its own. Jewelry that realigns has become a major hot trend these days and …

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  • My Body My Art by Drop of Art

    My Body, My Art – This is Why!

    My Body, My Art – This is Why! As human beings we are expressive by nature and we hold a strong desire to be heard. Both in terms of creativity and how we seek to express ourselves in our lifetime. People often say that man is a bundle of emotions and that is right but …

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  • The mysticism behind triangles and the number three by Drop of Art

    Behind Triangles and The Number Three

    Behind Triangles and The Number Three:  Since prehistoric time, the world has always been obsessed with religion and superstitious beliefs. We have so many people in this world who exercise their freedom and follow life in their own way. Sometimes people even carve out their own explanation about theories. To the point where empirical experts …

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  • The Power of Symbols by Drop of Art

    The Power of Symbols

    The Power of Symbols: Signs are probably the most prevalent form of communication around the world, but sometimes symbols do the opposite and create a communication barrier. Throughout our lifetime, we’ve all seen a symbol and wondered the true meaning behind it or perhaps we think we know but unbeknownst to us, we’re far from …

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  • The Significance of the Lotus Flower

    The Significance of the Lotus Flower: In ancient time, likewise in today’s world, the Lotus flower is one of the most popular flowers that holds a special significance to the people. It is an aquatic perennial plant that belongs to the family Nelumbonaceae. This alluring flower looks not only dazzling, but also has immense symbolic …

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  • The History of Belly Button Rings by Drop of Art

    The History of Belly Button Rings

    The History of Belly Button Rings: When we talk about body piercings, one of the first visuals that might come to mind is the belly button ring. Piercings in general can be traced back for ages, but each culture was pierced in the name of their own tribal traditions. The relevance of the belly ring …

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  • Belly Button Rings by Drop of Art

    Belly Button Rings Made Just for You

    For centuries, astrology has defined the world in terms of element-particles that make up the entire cosmos called the earth. While there are diverse schools of thought in regards to what particles make up the earth, one of the most accepted schools of thought is the western school that believes the earth is made up …

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